blackaeonium archive project – guest remixes – “Wanderings”

guest remix by: Katriona Fahey – created on: 24/02/2012

description: I selected going home sunday evening as I am interested in photography of all types. Also these images reminded me of how we used to go on sunday afternoon drives when i was a child. Anakie, again a visual image, and we have a house in the general area,Barwon Heads. Dark trees.I love trees and i loved the different sounds on the audio file. I liked the colours used in the self portrait images. Windows series When i first logged on to your website i somehow managed to look at moving(video)images of windows and ones that changed colour too. That was when i was using Mozilla Firefox as the browser.i tried to download google chrome but was unable to .this time i am logged on with internet explorer and don’t want to lose all my work but i can see no windows. i love taking photos of different types of windows, the patterns they make interests me.that’s all for now, i really enjoyed the journey.

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