Smiling in the Grey Light, 2014

This video artwork is a unique documentation – a “capture” from one of my Colour Fields series of code-driven, continuous Flash animations. These animations are akin to performances using video, still image and ActionScript3 code to manipulate the visual content in real-time. The animations play forever: constantly changing layers, blends and movement never display the…

London Calling 014

My video documentation of code-driven performed animation “Smiling in the Grey Light” 2014, showing at the London Calling 014 exhibition in London as part of the Frieze Art Fair.     Smiing in the Grey Light, 2014 (still image of code-driven animation)          

Bad Print, 2014 (code-driven animation)

Still image captures (documentations of performance) for new code-driven animations recently developed… Bad Print, 2014 Click here for link to the Flash animation: print.html This piece is a code-driven artwork using video and still image to create a performed animation which can run endlessly and never plays the same way twice.